Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I hate nothing more than wanting to say something and then forgetting what you wanted to say.
So I'll just sit in front of the screen, interrogating my brain for the information. 

Or. i'll just ramble. 
#1 - 
I was taking 3rd helping of ice cream. 
x - no no, you wouldn't want that. you know how many calories is that? 
me - you know how many fucks I give? 

Annoying when people watch what you're eating. Dude? My mouth, my food. 
#2 -
abc - "I can't watch Dexter. That guy is so ugly. How can you watch ugly people in the lead? 90210 is better"

wait. whaaaaat. Ugly? Dexter? not watching because he doesn't take of his shirt on the show? 
And 90210 IS BETTER?
Wtf. *facepalms*
#3 -
Blogs with Autoplays. 
What makes you think I want to hear your music?
At least let me choose to press play before you musically rape me.
#4 -
Jeans are so restricting. Not that I want to do splits. But I wouldn't mind being able to cross my legs and sit comfortably.
#5 - 
Being hungry in the middle of the night. 
Infinite trips to the kitchen. Each ends with a disappointment 
#6 -
Realizing 11:11 never works, never worked, will never work. 
#7 - 
A potentially fractured ankle.
while swimming. 
yay my life. 
#8 - 
Not having to set an alarm for 2 months. YAYYYIE!! This actually makes me happy. 
#9 -
Having to keep secrets from your best friend. And you're dying to get it out. 
#10 -
And dudeee! A Unicorn. Waaaaaaaant.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, you wonder of a man!

Someone who has more admirers than almost anyone else in the world of sports and entertainment. The man, for whom the whole country comes to a standstill when he is at the crease, all in expectation. The man who carries around the expectations of a billion with the ease of spreading cheese on bread. The man who has a cricketing ethic like none other, an array of cricketing shots like none other, humility despite his greatness like none other, hunger for success like none other.

It has been the single most exhilarating visual delight of my life - to see this genius,wielding his willow.
38 years to the moment you came to the rescue of a nation who needed to witness a miracle, who needed inspiration.. and though you have reached Godly status in my country, I know you are human, and yet you are not. 

Every person who has watched you knows how you have managed the weight of expectations of a billion+ crazy fans for 20 years. 
You Sir, are legend. Happyyyy Birrthdaaayy!

Over a billion people 

and Peachyyy.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Living a denial

I'm a frightened girl, in this big world
swaying along the tapered lane.
I make effigies on the clouds,
with inkless pens.

Singing to the air,
talking to someone who doesn't exist.
I pick up my paints,
go out again for a last try.

Not yet, they say
But I've waited long enough.
I walk back.
murmuring to the space, into the darkness.
Come and hold my fists steady,
rock me in your lap
while I sob into your shoulder.

Will you, please come and sing to me?

*Met Aisha, 19,recently.
Brilliant artist.
Not allowed to pursue, mothers 3 kids instead. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I've been trying to sleep since the last two hours now.

No position feels right. Can't breathe through nose, clogged, I reckon. I try gasping air like a fish out of water. Mouth parches in seconds. I switch on the fan, its too windy. I switch it off, its too stuffy.
Another wave of agony passes through. Few seconds of panic. Another sweep of nervousness, chills. Like needles pricking under my skin.
The restlessness seeps into my head now, feels like my cerebrum has swollen up. Cause its continuously ramming against my skull, trying to get out.

I try a new position. on-the-tummy position. No result. 
Foetus. fail.
Star fish. fail. 
And my fears, worries suddenly highlight in silence. Tearing my composure.
then I wonder if I care. And I realize, I do.

I shut my eyes, determined to sleep.
Somewhere in the back of my head, I hear,
"I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a sun
In somebody else's sky, but why
Why, why can't it be, why can't it be mine?"
My head = 90% song lyrics.

Fuck insomnia.

Love poems anyone? Read here.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Its just in your mind.

The awkwardness when your holidays have just started. And the cricket season just got over and you have no idea what do with your life. I don't know what the fuck am I supposed to fucking do anymore. 
this boredom is painful. 
And fortunately everyone seems to think you're free and you will happily listen to their talks [problems, if you may] about shoes/ boyfriends/ ex/ losing 6 inches and blah blah. 
Sure. I so wanna listen to all your problems. 
And whaaaaaaaat problems man. 
I don't understand how people can always go on and on and on cribbing about life. How can you possibly - an average teenager have so many faults in a lifetime of 17/18 yrs? 

You don't have a girlfriend/ boyfriend? Shut up. Get yourself a Unicorn. 
Stop asking people to fix you up. Because it usually ends up being a disaster. 

You don't like your present girl/guy? This is harsh, but please break up. no point dragging a sour relationship. 
You are still in love with your ex? Pick up your wand, put it to your forehead, say 'obliviate'. you'll be okay. it works. 
You like someone, they don't feel the same way? Forget the relationship, try keeping the friendship at least.
You think this girl from your old school hates you? Its okay. Everybody doesn't have to love you. 
You don't have nice/cute picture for fb or enough following on tumblr? Please die.

Live and stop complaining. Be happy. And smile. 
Fuck things up.
Surprise your mom. 
Take long showers.
Spend waaay to much time online. 
And sleep while listening  to songs. 
Eat lot of chocolate. 

Life is as peachy as we make it to be. 

Peachy. Heeeeeeeeeeheeh.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Gift.

So what am I gonna write about? 
Birth of a song, the flight of a dream. 
No points for guessing. 

My birthday gift - World Cup 2011. 
And I hated it when people were saying that match is fixed, the WC is fixed.
You know what? I don't give a flying fuck. The bookies can keep their money! The sight of Sachin being carried on the lap of honor was all that I need.
This country of full of sadist, under achieving bitches. You yapp, while I enjoy my moment for my legend, SRT.
Hence birthday was obviously kickass. Dancing on the bonnet of a truck with a Tricolor at 1 30 am made it so espeeeeeeeshul.
2nd April 2011 - My bday! And Happyyyy World Cup! :D

And dudeee. Malinga. Me a new fan. His bowling is like handling a canon ball.
And Dhoni's and yuvi's 'in-your-face-critics'-batting was sooo good.