Friday, April 22, 2011

Living a denial

I'm a frightened girl, in this big world
swaying along the tapered lane.
I make effigies on the clouds,
with inkless pens.

Singing to the air,
talking to someone who doesn't exist.
I pick up my paints,
go out again for a last try.

Not yet, they say
But I've waited long enough.
I walk back.
murmuring to the space, into the darkness.
Come and hold my fists steady,
rock me in your lap
while I sob into your shoulder.

Will you, please come and sing to me?

*Met Aisha, 19,recently.
Brilliant artist.
Not allowed to pursue, mothers 3 kids instead. 


  1. i really like has a nice suspended
    quality to it and besides that its just good too :)

    I totally changed my poem today.I do that a lot on the first day because I mainly write it online

  2. Yup I saw that. I wanted to read it again and then I realized its not the same. :P
    But I love your peoms! They are all so good! Can't choose a favorite!

  3. I also love peoms. Peoms are like so awesome. Peoms all the way. Peoms Peoms Peoms.

  4. WOW. :O
    that's the first thing that came to my mind after writing this.
    I always wish ed I could write poems.

    Oh and I love icecreams too. xD
    take care, you :)

  5. Thaaaaaaaaank you.
    I bet you write well too :D

    And ice creams are awesome. BR's triple fudge chocolate ice cream. The fuck is thaaaaaaaat? Yumm numm.

  6. and then they say that I am crazy,
    for what I dont see the reality?
    for what I dont agree..
    I live a fantasy, that's quite, like me...
    jeez sweet stuff, u got here..

    P.S.: I am poking ur cat and making her crazy. I shall be a loyal visitor..


  7. This is very sensitively written...captures the struggle beautifully! And its really sad that its inspired from a real person...

  8. Aakash - Thaaank you. The biili's so cute na? :D

    Siddhartha - thank you! Its disgusting when you know you can't really help the person. A very helpless feeling.

  9. Oh my God.

    "I'm a frightened girl, in this big world" - I misread the first line as "in this BLOG world" instead of "in this BIG world".

    All this while I was thinking it's about you.


    And also some sadness.