Saturday, June 18, 2011

If anyone needs me I will be sitting in a corner, banging my head against the wall

Okay I'm not perfect, neither is my life. 
My two month vacations gets over tomorrow. 
And like expected, I did none of things that I was planning to do. 
I made a list. Of 10 things. 
after two months, the list looks the same to me. 
Nothing to cross out.

But vacations were fun.
Went places.
Met best friends. 
Gave them a surprise. :)
Shopping. More shopping. 

And whats is up with men in Delhi? 
They talk to your boobs, so awkward. So many occasions I wanted to say "Uncleji, I have a face"

Talking about awkward. 
When an old friend randomly starts trying to sext you.
Ahhhh the awkwardness is just too much. And I’m the fucking queen of awkward.

Off late, many people have been telling me that they don't understand me. 
Look. You're not supposed to.
How can you?
It takes a lifetime to understand oneself.
How should one dare to try and understand someone else. 
Why do even want to understand someone? I don't see any need. 
Only if people let go of this struggle of understanding people, life will be much easier. 
Basically. life without any kind of emotional attachment would be good. 

Moving on, did anyone see X men?
What if the entire x-men first class movie didn't exist because the entire time Charles was making you think that you saw it but you really didn't and you were sitting at home the entire time and that's really all your life is because he makes you think that too and nothing is real and all your memories are fake. 

How cool would this be. 

Just a rant. Will try and make sense next time. okaybyeepeoplee.
And this is a beautiful playlist. Enjoyy :D