Monday, February 28, 2011


The Living Legend,
The God at no. 4
Cricket ka Devta.

But we all know why such clichés have been coined.

When he bats, I switch on my TV and switch off my life.

I remember this particular family vacation, I was 12, I think. We were on our way to some hillstation.
so we had to board a local train for 2 hours. And the train was made to halt because - Sachin Tendulkar was batting at 92 not out. The passengers, the railway officials, everyone on the train waited for Sachin to complete his century.
This 5'5'' master blaster, can make time stop in India!
Here, its quite acceptable to hurl at top notch politicians, but, dare you point a finger at Sachin.

The joy he bring to a billion cricket crazy overgrown bachhas, a million of his countrymen, and the way he handles all the adulation, the expectations with such humility and grace. what a genius.
underneath the helmet, that unruly curly hair, inside that head, there is something we don’t know, something beyond scientific measure. Something that allows him to roam a territory of sport that, forget us, even those who are gifted enough to play alongside him cannot even comprehend.

This post to the man we love,
The man we all want to be.

Ps - This post deserves only one tag.
I'll be driven to depression if we lose, on my birthday!
thats is, if we get to the finals at all.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fat Fart fit fast.

Dera Baba Nanak Matrimony website - Search, chat & marry.

I laughed at that tagline for an hour. Don't ask me what I was doing on a Matrimony website.

I was bored okay. Life's too boring to be just one person.
Sometimes, I get soo bored, I start wishing, more like aggressive hoping, for something super cool to happen. Like, I suddenly start hoping for super powers. Or or or
I pretend I've inherited them for Superman.
So I get to be Supergirl.
Superwoman more like.
Anyway, it'd be so fucking awesome if I were a superhero. I mean, everyone would love me.
People would name their kids after me.
I'll give rise to a whole new comic book series, sitcoms, movies, etc etc.
And my Logo/sign/face would be everywhere - books, bags, Tshirts, lingerie.
aaaah, the feeling of it.
I started a sentence with aaaah. :/
Not backspacing now.

I feel extremely jobless. I've got soo much work to complete.
But its my Brain.
Issko kaun smjhaiye?
When it decides to stop, it stops.
And puts a placard - 'Mental Block'

My teachers won't understand. They want pro - paaar work. [proper work]

And wow, India might lose the match.
Like there weren't enough problems already.

Ps. -
A new website crush here.
Pps -
Ppps. -
Just made a tongue twister. Try it.

Fat Fart fit fast.

And from the looks of it now, India might just WIIIIIIIN :D
*Fingers crossed.*

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chalta Hain.

I decided to bunk college and finish all of my pending assignments.
Made some coffee.
Was reading the paper about how the youth thinks India' kinda lost it. Someone even stated they'd like to get out this "dustbin" the first chance they get.

Please fuck off. Nobody wants you here.
Also, I know I'm not here to convince you into liking your own country.
Maybe, yeah. To justify why I love it.

Everyone's basically got a problem with the 'Chalta hai' attitude.
- A corrupted government?
Arre yeh toh chalta hain.
- Slow judicial system.
Yeh bhi chlata hain.
- A sign-age outside a Hotel reads, "Chilled Bear served hear"
Chalta hai.
- Playing cards at work.
Chalta hain
- Eve teasing.
Itna toh obviously chalta hain.

And now,
- Acceptance of Homosexuality.
- People not staring at couple holding hands.
- Inter caste/ religion marriages.
- Reopening of cases through major public involvement.
- Remarriages!

India' says 'chalta hain' to the above list as well.

SO many different kinds of people living with love, (Yes.) in such a small place.
on an average people here laugh and smile a lot even though they're life is a big struggle, financially seen.

And if you still want to get out of this 'dustbin'.

Task sheets.

I've got SO many assignments pending!

Why can't college assignments be like -

Q1. Wassup? (Explain) 25 marks.
Submission date - 20/2/11
No late submission will be accepted.

Seriously, why not.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Too young for love?

I know tomorrow is Valentine's Day!
I don't need 486936274966255486 texts for that.
I've got calender!

And tomorrow is my plan B with friends.
Plan B always works for me.

I thought this post won't be about Love. I decided I won't write about Love.
But fuck it.

So whaaaaaaaat is laaaauve?
I think.
Love is what makes you smile when you're tired.
Love is with you in the room at Christmas, if you stop opening the presents and listen.
Love is when you tell a guy you like his shirt and he wears it everday.
Love is when I abuse and shout at Harshit and how we have the our esspeshul bro- sis hug every morning.
Love is when mom just HAS to come kiss my forehead before she goes to bed.
Love is the moist eyes I get whenever I talk to Adwiti.
Love is how my dadi starts crying everytime she sees me crying.
Love is what happens to me when I hear Rashi's voice.
Love is what happens when Neeshu's is in Pune!
Love is Karthik, Eashwar, Rachit and me going to Cloud 9. What memories :)
Love is Jace caliing me. Adidiiiii
Love is Achu, Prachi, Anku, Appu, Harshit and me at some bhaarat dancing!
Love is how Vishi and I connected :)
Love is Vishi's shaadi memories. AHAHHA :p
Love is Rohit and Richi.
Love is how Arushi treats me. Like m a baby.
Love is how after the b-up I felt lonely. And suddenly there were SO many people for me.
Love is when the kids playing in the garden give me flowers (or leaves) when I'm goin home in the evening.
Love is the the feeling I got when I realized Sikka is leaving. Forever. I've never ever given anyone else a nice farewell :)
Love is when aka calls me 'chorri'
Love is childhood memories with Kshitij, Shekhar and Kritika. I miss you guys! :(
Love is the 'charity money' party with Dolfy :p
Love is the plans Richi and I make. HAHA :D
Love was class 12th!

I can go on and ooon and onnnnnn.
But I've got a truckload of assignments up my ass.

Happy Valentine's Day, readers!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Look what I found here.
If I ever get to meet this woman, I'm gonna marry her. Pakka.

And this and this too.
Go now.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Stupid.

This post in random too. Not like I'm gonna get one of those fancy webby awards.
IfyouknowwhatI mean.
anyway, so type type type.

Something is up with me.
I have no idea what.

I'm super happy now. There's this huge grin thats stuck to my face since yesterday.

I think its the shopping. Or the fest.
And first sem is over! Like the results are out I mean. I'm yet to collect mine.
So I'm already 1/8th of a designer! Woohoo! :D

Mom was giving me some gyaan this morning. And she's like certified gyaan [lecture] give -er.
She said something about about me being stupid. And she's didn't sound like she was complaining. She was kinda like proud.
She said something like,
Beta, you only one life to do whatever you want. In 100 years nobody will remember the mistakes you made. So be stupid while you still have a chance. Cause if you're to busy trying to be the smart kid, you'll never be happy with yourself. And never make the same mistake twice. Make new mistakes everytime.

And for me, I'm with The Stupid. Stupid is someone who lives a regret free life. Smart may have the brains, but Stupid has the guts. and balls. Stupid see things for what they could be. Smart criticizes,

Stupid creates. :D

Please feed my fishes.
And ooooooooooh. Wishlist

Can I haz more views please?

Friday, February 4, 2011


This is what the love life of people around me is.
Thank god for that. Otherwise, I would have been lonely.

I'm so freaking tired today. Been running around the college all day. Every fibre in my body hurts.
Anyway, what inspired this post - Jealously.

I think I'm feeling jealous - like this - after a very long time. More like a decade.

So i was having a good day today, dancing, laughing, screaming. . bah.
I go for the security auditions for the Fundamental. We standing in a group. Staring. Laughing. You get the idea, right.

Then walks in my eye candy. [basically he's someone, who makes me want to attend college everyday. And he helped me so much after the breakup. He doesn't even know how much he helped.]
toh he walks in. And there's this girl - who I pretty much hate right now - she goes up to him, to say hi. And then she hugs him. He doesn't hug her back. At least thats something I'd like to think.
And then. Dude. I feel like the area around me has been set to flames. So much anger. I wanted to go upto to her [them?] and slap her right and left. Probably even more.
I mean I've never even shook hands with him. All I do is stare and look away fast if he stares back.
But hello.
Why do people have to jump on that?
And she's so dumb. "I'm not a evil", she says stuff like that.
They don't even talk. Like ever.
But whatever.

Bad mood. I could kill someone right now.
Going to bed.