Friday, March 25, 2011

The Unsuspecting Victim

The sky is gray,
as I glance from the edge
I smell the pin drop violence
I hear screams of their horror and terrified breathing
I see swings where no children play
And I see a graveyard where most lay

Horrifying homes filled with fear
and blood shattered on the street
I hear a child crying
And I see his innocence dying

I see the blood on the walls
I see despair throughout the place
And terror on a child's pale face

This child, as fresh as sin
now, doesn't know how to grin.
He suffers, burned and bruised
He wants to be free,
He looks up the sky,

But the sky is still gray.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I've had 5 mugs of coffee and a cold shower.
But I'm still sleepy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Things we all should know/do.

1. Its not the jeans that make your butt look fat.
2. Smile. Its suits you, man.
3. If a person is nice to you but not nice to animals, is a bad bad bad person. Stop talking to such people. And if they tell you that they hate animals, make a very grave face - like they've told you they've got cervical/testicular cancer.
4. Its okay to not want to talk anyone sometimes. Not even your closest people.
5. Experience doesn't stop you from making mistakes, it helps you to realize them, once made.
6. Its okay to cry to mumma. In her arms.
7. When you stub your toe, its okay to think that the whole world is conspiring against you.
8. Its okay to fantasize about a guy-in-love-with-some-other-girl. Wishful thinking.
9. When too worried/stressed, say it loud to yourself 'Calm Down And Fuck Johnny Depp'. Yumm.
10. Its okay to feel people who think Batman is better than Superman, are complete retards. **
[** I don't want any comment on this statement]
11. Its good if you tell people, 'hey you, you're fucking boring', on their face.
12. Its okay to like/love a (few) senior (s) who rest of the people think are the biggest chuityas on the face of this Earth.
13. You're normal if you try and imitate Spongebob's laughter from time to time. Keep tryin, you'll get there.
14. When unwanted people, push themselves into your lives, through phones calls, text messages, emails or a face to face encounter, tell them - ' your face, my wrist. Your broken skull, my wide smile :D' **
** Got this from paddy, actually. thanks paddy :D

15. Its okay to suddenly get the urge to play Quidditch, just as you hold a broom.
16. Its good to fall in and out of love everyday.
17. And, continue stalking dead fb profiles and continue to stare at certain people. Its very healthy.
18. If people tell you - more like, are after you ' pleaaasee follow my blogggg!!', tell them - ' NO. I don't find you interesting enough.
19. Since some idiots read this blog regularly. I removed this point20. Don't be stupid and silly. Leave that to me.

And please guys, do something on this blog. Pet the cat. Say hi to me. Something. Anything.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wind Down.

Many always ask, how did it all end?
ll tell you.
With a goodbye of course.
And just a little white lie.
and "You're so important to me"
and hope, immense.

Or maybe it ended with artistry.
not with a whimper but with a bang.

P.s. - many people anxiously, asked me about my mood after the last post. I'm good and happy. Its just my incapability of writing happier poems. Someone once told me, you can't write about the happy times, cause you're too busy living them. So true.
P.p.s - Happy Birthdayyy Shaveen! :D

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lost In The Abyss

That feeling,
when all you want to do is, get home
get to your room,
get in the bed,
hug onto the pillow
and try breathing.
And try forgetting.
Whatever happened.
Whatever is happening.
You're trying to convince yourself, its nothing. its's fine. it'll be okay soon.
but its like a glass splinter working its way into you.
And you can't fucking breath.

And you're tired.
Nothing is right,
nothing is wrong either.
Then what is choking the life out of you?

You wait in your shadow. for lighting to strike.
looking for someone to be there,
who holds your hand, and whispers,
It'll be okay.

But you're tired of waiting.
Tired of wishing and wanting.
In then you'll be the only one who's got to live through it.

But just this once, you want it to be easy.
You want it to be simple,
you want to be helped,
you want to be saved.

But you know you won't be.
You'll be the last one to know.
You'll be left out in the cold snow.

[The emotional freak that I am, wrote this after watching Never Let Me Go, I was pretending I'm Kathy.]
I know its not poetry, free verse maybe.