Thursday, January 27, 2011


A glass wall separates me from your world.
So that your world tantalizingly hangs in front of me,
Like a bait,
Knowing that I can't touch it.
Knowing that I can't be a part of it.
Knowing that I can only wait.
and hope and wish.
While you go on and pretend I don't exist.
While I calm down the tiger in me
clawing fervently underneath my skin
to find an escape, to find freedom, but mostly,


*Please judge me. But politely.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Backdoor Talk.

Okay secret time.

1. I'm secretly pleased that I make the awesomest coffee (Hot/Cold)
(Do believe me, ask my cousin.)

2. I'm secretly pleased that I hate donating can't donate blood. And injections/needles scare the living shit out of me.
I can go through - whatever. But injections.
And the Doctors are never satisfied without bruising me and stabbing me a million times over with a hundred million types of needles in a thousand million needle sizes. And on the top of that. They try to act smart. Like I have no idea whats going on. "Ohh Aditiiii! Now look at that picture on your right, what do you seee..?"
And as I'm just about to cry (sue me. I HAAATE injections) "aww no no. It won't hurt"
STFU. It will. Always does.

3. I'm secretly pleased that my signature keeps on changing every six months. And I'm pleaser still – that the latest is a not-easy-to-forge signature. (Some have tried. And failed. :D )

4. I'm secretly pleased that I sleep off with socks on. Pink socks. Always. No matter what the weather is.

5. I'm secretly pleased that I'm clumsy and accident prone.Its interesting to live. Today, I dropped this ultra BIIIIIG ferrero rocher shake all over myself. They gave me another one. And a brownie. Freeeee.

Ok. Your turn.

And please don't let my PeachBox die.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jaanu Meri Jaan.

Okay so this is pretty random post that I decided to write.

Soo many assignments pending.
But I just so have to write about this.

Now, here I'm gonna deal with PDAs and physical intimacy as seen here (places considered Pune and Delhi)
I'm gonna restrain myself from naming the couples that inspired this post. Damn. Thats so hard.

- The forever lovey dovey couple - They normally talk like "Heeyyyyy jaaaanuuuu/baby/shonuuu/mera bachha)
They stick to each other like a pair of eels. They make plans to get married, names their kids even. They walk around holding hands always. They snog wherever they feel convenient. I've seen action in autorickshaws, PMT buses and the gardens. And oohh, parkings. Free porn milta hain.

- The Gavar (Delhite) couple - Entitled to my opinion. I think most delhites are gavar.
Sue me.
They mostly talk in crappy English. Like reaallly bad English. "I mizzz u sooo much :'("/
"Hmm toh aap ka din kaise tha my dear?"/ "Yaar you looks vaary nice yaaar"/ "Hey sweetii..muah my baby"
Since these people don't have any idea where to hangout, you'll mostly get to see much people in the Metros and malls (oh - so - keeewl- we - are)

- The 24/7 horny couple - Mostly found in my college. Can't elaborate. You get the idea, right?

- The Couple who hardly get to meet up - NOT long distances. I'm talking about the extremely busy
boyfriends and girlfriends who either NEVERR meet or meet up in group of people. There's always a certain amount of awkwardness between them. Slight touch gets us "hawwww".

- The always fighting couple - Pretty messed up. Fights/ abuses. So entertaining they are. I saw one this morning only. The guy was folding hands and shouting "Mujhe maaf krde meri maa!" and
the chick's reply was epic "Saale tune toh mere exam ki maa chudwadi!"

- The Famous Couple - The wholeee world knows they're dating. They make sure they put up "in a relationship" thingo on fb. This is followed my cuddly profile picture, status tags, wall posts.
The relationship is marketed very well.

- The Cute Couple - I thought I'd not name, but this title totally goes to Aru and Tissues (also anz and his chick). They are bloody wow. Replies to ILYs are 'fuck off'. And they get the right amount of public attention. DP and wall post do happen but limit mein. They're always taking each other's cases.

Like the rest of the posts, this one is too, pointless. Please stop expecting good stuff that makes sense, from me. Not fair. -____-

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hello I'm facebook.
I help you connect with idiots who post stupid lyrics as status updates every hour.
Fucktards who +yp3 lyk dis.
Sluts who take slutty pictures.
Annoying bitches who's status updates are always :'( :'( :'(
Morons from your school.
Scene kids.
Creepy relatives and long distance cousins who comment on every picture 'Hayee yeh ladka kaun hai?'
Weird low lifers who are always send you virtual puppies/poking you.
Prepare never to log into chat again.

*Note to self - Go back to Tumblr.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Should I fret if the worst looks like the best?

Okay. So boys are dumb. Annoyingly dumb.
Or maybe, it might be only me. I mean, its not easy to keep a track of your feelings when you like 4 guys at the same time. But again, 1 longgg distance. 1 is an asshole. 1 is committed.
So technically - 1 guy. Hmm.
He's so cute. I can't stop thinking about him.
Its pathetic to be so confused - all thawww time. :|

Okay so my year start has been pretty awesome. Everything is like falling into place - things are goin just the way I want them to. :D
And of course, I haven't been following any of my resolutions. BLEHEHE.
College hasn't started in full swing yet. People are still into the new years blues. Oh and we had this trip to The Ajanta and Ellora caves and myyyyyyyyyy godddddd. That place....the caves..painting..the carvings..sheer brilliance. My eyes literally popped out at some sights. And the reclining carving of Buddha is pretty epic.
Considering the fact that those people had no solid tools and any sort of machinery at that time, the caves are glorious..splendid.

Okay m actually stalking that cute guy on fb now. Shit.
I wish this blog was here for a reason. I don't think I want to blog anymore.

Or maybe i will.