Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello, 2011.

Goodbye, 2010, who could hang a name on you?
Oh, come on. You didn't think I was going to leave you without a year-end recap, did you? Even if it DOES mean posting more than once a week, it's a special time of the year and it's been one hell of a year, actually.

If you're just tuning in, the links to the other three months -end posts are here, here and here. This year, we're shaking it up a little and doing proper accounts, so the year isn't just events, it's how those events have affected my life. (Ooooooooooooooh, fancy, right?)

I've already listed my life-changing-type-things-that-happened.

I've learnt also other not so concrete things, like how to make new close friends and how to dance without caring about what other people think.

I developed many random crushes on and off during this year, which were great fun, just for the heart flutters and the putting on perfume for someone else. Sadly, none of them actually went anywhere. I'm still too chicken, even at this grand age to make the first move. But they were fun while they lasted. Right now? I'm footloose and fancy free. :D


This year I will be good. (Well, not SO good that I'm boring, but I will try and avoid being bad.)

This year I will keep account of my finances.

This year I will learn at least three new things--like Tennis, French anddd. Something.

This year I take care of my health.

This year I will save up LOT of money.

This year, I'll be a good daughter.

**This year, I'll try and be curvyyyy! 4 cheesecakes a day! :D

Off I go now, to more festivities.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I love you.

You guys cannot imagine the immensity of pain Star World has cause me since they've stopped airing my favourit show in the world. *Lie To Me.

WHY? Why can't I have things MY way?

I miss Dr. Cal Lightman, my ultimate sexual fantasy for life, so so much. I miss his sarcasm. His weird hand gestures. His accent. "Morning, love"

Come soon. I love you!
* Yes. I know, I watch a lot of TV.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Its time you've come out of cold.

3 days for mom's bday. mann. I'd thought Id get her something this time.
I'm always broke. This is so annoying.
I love mom. I know, I must have said that atleast 449675463943056562 times. But I can't help it.

Moms are so awesome. Where would the world be without mothers? I think I should say such stuff to mom more often. I don't remember the last time I hugged her.

Anyway, my weekend was pretty ok. Good actually. Considering I'm feeling fine now. Fine's a feeling right? Considering how bad, pathetic, depressed I was, almost a month ago. Funny how time changes things and people. And Adwiti, Sikka and Pritika, obviously I'm not gonna say this to your faces, guys. Just in case you happen to come across this post. I love you, you stupid blithering idiots, for making me fine :)
[Also Karthik, Rachit and Rashi. And probably the most important person ever, my brother. Harshit, dude, I know I'm a pathetic sister. But yaar, tu awesome hai.]
Okay, now that I think of it, so many people helped me be normal. Well, in short, I love you all. Don't wait for me to say this to your face, that'll never happen.

My earlier post are so -my-life's-over kinds. Shessh.
I'm so not like that.
I talk a lot. Some find it irritating, some, amusing.
I'm sorta a social butterfly.
I gossip a lot. I want to know everything , all the time.
I think I should really learn to meditate. I have no control over what I think. The other day, Richi and Kawal were helping me, to not think of anything. Its so fucking hard.
My mind keeps on having a conversation with itself. All thaw timee.
And you know. Richi said something, so true, I don't exactly remember the words, but it was something like, how we ruin our present by always thinking of the past or the future. How things were. How things will be. What about how things are?
Mindblowing observation, na?

I guess the breakup was kinda important. I value happiness now. And for all those who's lives are shady now, sun will shine soon :)

I saw Serendipity few hours ago. Its so AWWWWWWWW :)
Though i don't believe in favorites, but as far as romantic movies go, here's a list -
1. When Harry Met Sally. (Could there be a more perfect couple, EVER?)
2. Serendipity (I'm gonna buy a pair if black gloves this Christmas. haah)
3. The Proposal (Ryan Reynolds appears naked in a scene *_*)
4. P.s I love you
5. Sleepless In Seattle (Tom Hankssss <3)

Hardly 20 something days for the next year ^_^
I've gotta think of a resolution.

Off late I've been having too much chai. I think I'm growing up =)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I want breakfast in bed.

You. Hi.
I just got up. I hate Sundays man. I like Saturdays. Fridays are the best. The beginning of a weekend.
Did anyone like A Thousand Suns? such a let down. Its different but they've done so much better work before. And its December now =)
There's a chill in the air. As soon as I step out, the tip of my nose turns red and cold. I can feel the cold on my fingertips. Besides, its holiday season. Though technically, I have no holidays -___-
But everyone is so happy now. End of another year. Though this years was pretty eventful for me. Good stuff , bad stuff I dunno. But I've learnt a lot in this year, at least I've learnt how to go on with life, if not any major life changing lessons.
Ok. Imma gonna list stuff. 2010 for me -
1. I failed in preboards. I took at least FOUR retests from chemistry. :
2. I passed in boards, with exceeding expectations. Sachhii.
3. Quit smoking.
4. School was over. Forever.
12 years in a place, and suddenly boom. Khatum. I miss it :(
5. I turned 18.
6. We shifted into a new house.
7. I got rejected by NID, NIFT.
8. My best friend [FOR LIFE] moved to a different city.
* and most of my close friends too.
9. I got my nose peicered (well, that time it was a big deal :s)
10. I meet N.
* we finish.
11. I started with college.
12. I was ragged - made to do a pole dance.
13. I stole 350 bucks from my senior. (Don't ask, just don't)
14. I start blogging.
15. I discovered loneliness.
16. I rediscovered friendship.
17. Cry sitting next to brother on Diwali, while the sky blazes with fireworks.
18. I let of my stupid ego and got back my long lost friends.
19. I travel to Mumbai alone, lost my wallet on the way, got it back. Got lost at VT. Got rid of weird men at the subway.
20. I grew closer to Ma.
21. I discover Dating. Capital D.ating.
22. 7 shots down, talking to Dad, after the fresher's.

You're the judge.