Monday, April 4, 2011

Its just in your mind.

The awkwardness when your holidays have just started. And the cricket season just got over and you have no idea what do with your life. I don't know what the fuck am I supposed to fucking do anymore. 
this boredom is painful. 
And fortunately everyone seems to think you're free and you will happily listen to their talks [problems, if you may] about shoes/ boyfriends/ ex/ losing 6 inches and blah blah. 
Sure. I so wanna listen to all your problems. 
And whaaaaaaaat problems man. 
I don't understand how people can always go on and on and on cribbing about life. How can you possibly - an average teenager have so many faults in a lifetime of 17/18 yrs? 

You don't have a girlfriend/ boyfriend? Shut up. Get yourself a Unicorn. 
Stop asking people to fix you up. Because it usually ends up being a disaster. 

You don't like your present girl/guy? This is harsh, but please break up. no point dragging a sour relationship. 
You are still in love with your ex? Pick up your wand, put it to your forehead, say 'obliviate'. you'll be okay. it works. 
You like someone, they don't feel the same way? Forget the relationship, try keeping the friendship at least.
You think this girl from your old school hates you? Its okay. Everybody doesn't have to love you. 
You don't have nice/cute picture for fb or enough following on tumblr? Please die.

Live and stop complaining. Be happy. And smile. 
Fuck things up.
Surprise your mom. 
Take long showers.
Spend waaay to much time online. 
And sleep while listening  to songs. 
Eat lot of chocolate. 

Life is as peachy as we make it to be. 

Peachy. Heeeeeeeeeeheeh.


  1. I can give you a motivational lecture. That'll make you okay for two weeks at least, then back to square one :p

  2. I want a permanent solution. ASAP. Or a distraction.

  3. All I can say here... is SUPER LIKE :)


  4. Thaaaaaaank you.
    Keep coming back for more! :D

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Comment removed. WHYYYYY
    What did you write?
    why did you write?
    What made you write it?
    What made you delete it?

    tell me or you shall perish.

  7. Why the unicorn, instead of a guy/girl? O_o

    Isn't that, err... kinda gay?

  8. Nice write! But kind of shows your frustration as an average teenager too! :P

    Even you are cribbing, you know!

  9. *for a guy, especially?

    No offense. :p

  10. And I read it again.
    LOVELY read.

  11. Unicorns are awesome maaaaan!
    And thaaaaaaank youuu. :)

  12. Unicorns are awesome? If you say so.

    And I protest the 'cute picture of fb' waala part. So easy for photogenic females to say it.
    And I agree with the chocolates. :p

    Why do I read the post each time I come here to comment? O_o

  13. Read as many times as you want. Free hai :D

  14. I just love how you see world; :) thanks for visiting my blog.

  15. Thank you!
    keep coming back :D

  16. haha, if only. about life being as peachy as you want it, i mean..