Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm blogging after soooo long!

College kept me so busy. And my jury was awesome. More or less, yeah.
And, its not even been a week since college started and boom - they've ripped our asses apart with shit load of work. I've already had 4 sleepless nights.
But college is fun, nonetheless.

I saw Harryyyy Potterrrrrrrr - 7!
David Yates, should give up directing anymore hp flicks.
I even watched - Break Ke Baad. Deepika Podukone and Imran Khan, worst actors ever. Story sucked too, big time.
I will write more. Soon.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chem - mystery

Haiiiiiiiiiiii. Finally college tomorrow. :D
And yeah, I've got exams also from tomorrow. I still remember and miss my exam days in 11th and 12th. Now when I look back, I miss all that tension and pressure. I particularly remember the nights before my chemistry exams. Oh the JOYYYYYYYYYYY!
I used to pretend I'm studying, throughout the weekend. You know like being stuck on one page for 2 or 3 hrs. I used to convince myself, padhai ho rhi hain.
And just as it used to be 10.00 pm at Sunday night. Bas beta. My resting heart rate would be 100- 120 bpm. I used to make a timetable. Finish one chapter by 11 pm. 15 min break. Coffee. Yes loads of black coffee. I used to practically survive on coffee. Anyway, then probably sleep for an hour. Text a friend, 'Kitna hua?'

The morning before the exam was even more awesome. No sleep the whole night. Quick shower and running to school looking like a ghost (I didn't sleep remember?) and carrying huge fat books in my arms. Meeting Adwiti on the way. Watching her laugh at me and asking "hogya tera portion?"
I used to give her "The Look" and she used to laugh again.
Last minute revision before the exam, outside the class. Learning formulae, structure and reactions...! And then I used to enter the class. The pressure used to kill me.
Getting to my seat. Waiting for my sort-of-hot partner to get seated. His name was bhavik btw and was younger to me. Cute tha.
Fir paper milta tha. I used to read my question paper and try very, very hard to understand. But it always used to feel like some greek manuscript thats halfway through an english translation.
I don't remember what I used to write in my paper. And my question paper was always full of drawings. Answer sheet empty. In order to make use of the time, I used to stare at people. Read my partner's question paper, sometimes solve it. Look around and judge people. Stare outside the window. Count the no. of tiles on the floor.

Now when I look back, I wish I should have actually tried to study chem. My teacher was SO good. Not that my board result would affect my college. But this is a weird feeling. I long for chemistry now.
So basically, if you are to study something right now, and you don't like that subject at all. Try once again. Dil se. Cause someday you're goin to miss it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hi. Yaaaawn.
I'm blogging after like a week or so. Or maybe more.

So. Umm. Well after the dramatic cancellation of my much awaited and anticipated trip to Delhi, I was in blues again.
And my cousin called and I was off to Bombay to see her.
What can I say about Bombay. I mean, the place is so amazing. Its got this charm. Despite the chaotic traffic and the fish smell, you feel drawn, attracted towards the place.
And The place's got so much art into it. Like, when you step in Bombay, you get this mad rush of excitement.. "Yeh life hai boss!" types. You'll find so many artists, musicians, actors, in every nook and corner.
I've always wanted to study in Bombay, travel by locals, eat vadapav for breakfast, go to chowpatti for a walk in the evening.
When you're walking along the road - you can see it on people's faces, they're here to do something, to make mark somewhere.
and and
I loveeeeeeee the architecture in there. VT- oh my gosh.
Maybe one day I actually do get to eat vadapav for breakfast, travel by locals and walk at the chowpatti :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Poisoned apple.

All your love has stained my life and blood in my heart and soul.
not precious but poisonous.

Umm. Well..

I love dancing in the rain.
I love Clicking Pictures.
I love 30 Seconds To Mars.
I hate it when anybody touches my mobile.
I love when people I love hug me for no reason.
I love Mommyy.
I love curly messed up hair.
I love being rebelious and patriotic.
I love Pani Puri, Alloo tikki.
I love Pizzas, Lasagne, Pasta, Nachos.
I love Dr. Cal Lightman - My hero for life.
I love abusing people I love. Only to see them abuse back harder :)
I love my school - DPS Pune.
I love my chemistry teacher in 12th_ Kalpita Ma'am. What a lady!
I love my Dadi.
I want to go to Afghanistan, at least once in life.
I love Delhiii :D
I love animals.
I love Pune.
I can't stay without my family and friends.
I love my irritating brother.
I love being mushy sometimes.
I want to be curvy.
I want to be happyyyy alwaysss =]
I want to work with Vogue
I want to meet Ajmal Kasab.
I want my Prince charming.
I want a happy ending.
I love my best friend - Adwiti.

I love guys who are funny/smart/witty - like Q man for eg.
I love the surname 'Singhania' or 'Rathore'
I love Raghavendra Rathore's life.
I find parks romantic.

I love action movies.
I love detective stuff.

I love experimenting with my hair.

I love hanging aroung doing nothing.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


First of all happy diwali readers! :)
For all those who indulged in cracker and fireworks- worry about your Carbon footprint jackasses. Karma shall get back to you.

Anyway, I had a pretty decent diwali. Considering the circumstances, I'd thought I'll be morbid. But nahi thi :D

I just read about Obama's visit to Mumbai. How they shut down all the roads and didn't allow any people on the roads, that was so sucky. Not even President Of United States should be allowed to ruin your diwali.
I want college to start fast. These holidays are killing me.