Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, you wonder of a man!

Someone who has more admirers than almost anyone else in the world of sports and entertainment. The man, for whom the whole country comes to a standstill when he is at the crease, all in expectation. The man who carries around the expectations of a billion with the ease of spreading cheese on bread. The man who has a cricketing ethic like none other, an array of cricketing shots like none other, humility despite his greatness like none other, hunger for success like none other.

It has been the single most exhilarating visual delight of my life - to see this genius,wielding his willow.
38 years to the moment you came to the rescue of a nation who needed to witness a miracle, who needed inspiration.. and though you have reached Godly status in my country, I know you are human, and yet you are not. 

Every person who has watched you knows how you have managed the weight of expectations of a billion+ crazy fans for 20 years. 
You Sir, are legend. Happyyyy Birrthdaaayy!

Over a billion people 

and Peachyyy.


  1. Agreed that he's so good and all, but still.. the comparison to God is an over reacting thing really! :|

  2. I agree with EVERY word you've written.
    Happy Birthday Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. (:

  3. Anwesh - I don't think so. I really don't believe in God, but when it comes to SRT, its a different story. He has played through disappointments (his 169 vs SA in lost cause), he has played through pain (136 vs Pakistan when he had back spasms), he has played despite personal losses (140 vs Kenya at Bristol after his father’s sad demise) The humbleness, the modesty, keeping team above his personal goals, respect for everyone be it teammates, opposition, elders, kids or fans just shows you how he has imbibed the values. What is commendable is not that he is humble and modest, but that in the span of 21 years, he has not shown a single sign of anger, frustration or annoyance towards anyone. - thats something. I'm too big a Sachin fan. :D

    Poulomi - Happy Sachin Tendulkar's Bday to you too! :p

  4. Well, your blog is called Senseless Ramblings (which are, as a matter of fact, my one weakness). I thought in this case, you might like my blog. It is new so the paint is still wet and a little shaky round the edges. But it really is senseless ramblings. Or maybe you'll find sense in it... either way check it out. Or don't. It's up to you :)

  5. Yeah, you, me, we all are lucky to have lived in the age when Sachin played, played in our hearts, played like the medicine that relieved the nation off its pain and tensions, played when the street beggar danced with the billionaire, both feeling Indian equally.
    Is Sachin a God? I dont know... But he is the only person on this planet alive, who can get a billion people together,..
    Every good thing comes to an end, but I am glad, that it happened... Sachin


  6. Selah - sure thing! :)

    Aakash - Yup, he's beyond being awesome. And dude. we won the WC on my birrrrthday! on MY birthddaaaaaay. :D

  7. @Peachyyy - I take that comment back on my blog as compliment ;)

  8. I don't agree with him putting team above himself! I have not seen someone do it better than Dravid.

    Yes, Sachin is one of the best players ever.

    But no, he's not God, doesn't even compare or neither is he the ultimate player or whatever else it is!

  9. Lord of the Rings is so fucking overrated.

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  11. But I'm not even giving/have given CLAT ever. I'm doing design :P

  12. Okay. Fuck. CLAT has done something to me sure. :/
    I'd meant to write 'peevie juice'. He called LOTR over-rated. -_-

    Deleted that. :p

  13. *reposted*
    About The God- Amen.

    @Peevie Juice- CLAT does such things to the minds of great men. Look now, what it's made you say. :o

    @Peachyyy- Okay now? :p

  14. is your Sachin/Superman wearing a red skirt, by any chance?

  15. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog! Haha, make sure you go live your dream. I hope that you find yourself and remember that anything is possible. Have a wonderful day!

  16. Sakshi why you no tossing Sikka????!! o_O

  17. Peevie why you not drinking juice.

    And have I told you this- you talk rubbish!! Total faltu, peevie!!

  18. I toh drinking juice. Like aaal thaaa time.

    You faltu ok. I talk wise. I'm a monk ok.