Monday, May 30, 2011

Take my final breath

Engulfed in a maelstrom;
you are the current that's dragging me down
into an empty cold place, my untimely demise,
but what a perfect death would it be
to die in your arms.
Now the pressure increases
and my ribs shatter, I feel the punctured lungs
and my breathing slows, 
I send one final brave glance, a silent protest.
Looking down at my watery grave,
accepting my final burial.
And I see you smile
as you watch me suffer and die.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fuck you toe.

Hello Toe,
I put you in hot and attractive shoes, put you in comfy socks, lay you on a nice sheet at night, put the best sneakers on you for self defense, clean you, paint you all pretty and eat enough so that every part of my body, even you, can function. 
I wish I wasn't so much of a pussy when it comes to stubbing my toe.

I EXPERIENCE THE SMALLEST AMOUNT OF PAIN and I am reduced to a cussing, squeaking, whimpering fool.
I shouted like
Fuck this I’m becoming a caterpillar.

*There's no reason why I wrote this post.
Yeah I'm like the mother of random.
Anyway, I changed the layout, the blog name and the url.
Cause I hate attention. It makes me insecure. I feel people might see a side of me which I want to keep under the shadows, hidden.
also the idea of people who know me pretty well, reading the blog used to restrict my writing. Heavily. 

New beginnings always excite me. 


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Surrounded by..


Not even I can fake these levels of fail. 
Keeping reading..

#Xyz- hey ill b done wid work early 2day. wanna hangout in d evenin ???
me - Hey. Sorry for the late reply. I'm sick. will be staying in..
xyz- oh thats k. Hope ur feaaling better soon sweety. 


Correct grammar, where art thou?

But I wasn't actually sick or anything. 

#So i go to Landmark. I love the smell of books :D
Girl at the bookstore - Can I help you ?
Me - Yes, thank you, well i'm searching for The Vampire Diaries books.
Girl - The Vampire what?
Me - Me: Diaries, it's about a girl in love with a vampire, but is not twilight..
Girl - Ohh. 
Well here. 
(hands out)
*The  Twilight Saga- New Moon*

Topic jump# 

When that one annoying person keeps talking and talking about something you could care less about. Then you try and correct them, yet you’re so frustrated that you walk out on them. Then the dumb ass has the nerve to wonder WHY you walked out.
So stupid.
like how did you even make it this far in life oh my gosh.

I already hate clingly people (girls/boys) 
Stupid + clingly = fucking suicidal.

Now please excuse, I have to go and disembowel my brain. 
Oh and my new favorite blog this one. :D

Wednesday, May 4, 2011