Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Gift.

So what am I gonna write about? 
Birth of a song, the flight of a dream. 
No points for guessing. 

My birthday gift - World Cup 2011. 
And I hated it when people were saying that match is fixed, the WC is fixed.
You know what? I don't give a flying fuck. The bookies can keep their money! The sight of Sachin being carried on the lap of honor was all that I need.
This country of full of sadist, under achieving bitches. You yapp, while I enjoy my moment for my legend, SRT.
Hence birthday was obviously kickass. Dancing on the bonnet of a truck with a Tricolor at 1 30 am made it so espeeeeeeeshul.
2nd April 2011 - My bday! And Happyyyy World Cup! :D

And dudeee. Malinga. Me a new fan. His bowling is like handling a canon ball.
And Dhoni's and yuvi's 'in-your-face-critics'-batting was sooo good. 


  1. Happy Birthday Aditi!
    It's a gift to you from the whole of SL :)
    A fitting swan song for Sachin..
    I'm disappinted allright, but happy it ended this way. Long Live Cricket!

  2. belated birthday wishes :)
    thanks for your comments on my blog. Also where did you watch the match ?

  3. Viman Nagar! :D
    And I don't think so, we've met formally before. I'm a FY (SY, now) in SID.
    I found your blog through poulomi's blog :)

  4. Aah I see !! Guess neither of us ever noticed each other in college or Burger Times. I just got back from Puttaparthi. Will be posting soon :) What's you name though ?