Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fat Fart fit fast.

Dera Baba Nanak Matrimony website - Search, chat & marry.

I laughed at that tagline for an hour. Don't ask me what I was doing on a Matrimony website.

I was bored okay. Life's too boring to be just one person.
Sometimes, I get soo bored, I start wishing, more like aggressive hoping, for something super cool to happen. Like, I suddenly start hoping for super powers. Or or or
I pretend I've inherited them for Superman.
So I get to be Supergirl.
Superwoman more like.
Anyway, it'd be so fucking awesome if I were a superhero. I mean, everyone would love me.
People would name their kids after me.
I'll give rise to a whole new comic book series, sitcoms, movies, etc etc.
And my Logo/sign/face would be everywhere - books, bags, Tshirts, lingerie.
aaaah, the feeling of it.
I started a sentence with aaaah. :/
Not backspacing now.

I feel extremely jobless. I've got soo much work to complete.
But its my Brain.
Issko kaun smjhaiye?
When it decides to stop, it stops.
And puts a placard - 'Mental Block'

My teachers won't understand. They want pro - paaar work. [proper work]

And wow, India might lose the match.
Like there weren't enough problems already.

Ps. -
A new website crush here.
Pps -
Ppps. -
Just made a tongue twister. Try it.

Fat Fart fit fast.

And from the looks of it now, India might just WIIIIIIIN :D
*Fingers crossed.*


  1. it was a tie
    n you are jobless!

  2. You must be so happy. Your birthday is such a funny day.
    I went on that matrimony website. Funny

  3. 2nd APRIL = My birthday.
    Not a funny day. Normal day.

  4. Even I, while lazing around, too lazy to pick u the remote or something, make the spider-man hand, but no web comes out of it.

    Yay your birthday...come here naa.

    Yeah I would love to were Super woman lingerie. NOT!!
    Same case, i have a ton of work, but ni mental capability or time.

  5. Superman lingerie = awesome.
    Infact any superhero lingerie is.

  6. Hulk should be the brand ambassador for superhero lingerie.

  7. Bad choice.
    Bad choice.
    Bad choice.

  8. Yes HULK faces on boxers. Good good.

  9. HULK GREEN. That would be pretty epic when you poop your pants.