Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chalta Hain.

I decided to bunk college and finish all of my pending assignments.
Made some coffee.
Was reading the paper about how the youth thinks India' kinda lost it. Someone even stated they'd like to get out this "dustbin" the first chance they get.

Please fuck off. Nobody wants you here.
Also, I know I'm not here to convince you into liking your own country.
Maybe, yeah. To justify why I love it.

Everyone's basically got a problem with the 'Chalta hai' attitude.
- A corrupted government?
Arre yeh toh chalta hain.
- Slow judicial system.
Yeh bhi chlata hain.
- A sign-age outside a Hotel reads, "Chilled Bear served hear"
Chalta hai.
- Playing cards at work.
Chalta hain
- Eve teasing.
Itna toh obviously chalta hain.

And now,
- Acceptance of Homosexuality.
- People not staring at couple holding hands.
- Inter caste/ religion marriages.
- Reopening of cases through major public involvement.
- Remarriages!

India' says 'chalta hain' to the above list as well.

SO many different kinds of people living with love, (Yes.) in such a small place.
on an average people here laugh and smile a lot even though they're life is a big struggle, financially seen.

And if you still want to get out of this 'dustbin'.


  1. I've always known Indian people to be the most patriotic! The same kind of thing is happening here. Brain Drain! But theres a bunch of us who actually wanna stay on our home soil!

    ps- I don like the new layout?!?!?!

  2. Come to India sometime! :D
    And ohhh btw, are you going for any of the WC matches?

    Layout, yes I've got a mixed opinion for that. But I think I'm gonna hang onto this one a bit

  3. Lol. My folks are flying to India next week. Chennai. I couldve come but am caught up in a ton of work. and yeah I'm volunteering for the WC, so I get to watch the matches freeeee *HUGE GRIN*

    ps- Change is good, but should come in small doses. =P