Saturday, February 12, 2011

Too young for love?

I know tomorrow is Valentine's Day!
I don't need 486936274966255486 texts for that.
I've got calender!

And tomorrow is my plan B with friends.
Plan B always works for me.

I thought this post won't be about Love. I decided I won't write about Love.
But fuck it.

So whaaaaaaaat is laaaauve?
I think.
Love is what makes you smile when you're tired.
Love is with you in the room at Christmas, if you stop opening the presents and listen.
Love is when you tell a guy you like his shirt and he wears it everday.
Love is when I abuse and shout at Harshit and how we have the our esspeshul bro- sis hug every morning.
Love is when mom just HAS to come kiss my forehead before she goes to bed.
Love is the moist eyes I get whenever I talk to Adwiti.
Love is how my dadi starts crying everytime she sees me crying.
Love is what happens to me when I hear Rashi's voice.
Love is what happens when Neeshu's is in Pune!
Love is Karthik, Eashwar, Rachit and me going to Cloud 9. What memories :)
Love is Jace caliing me. Adidiiiii
Love is Achu, Prachi, Anku, Appu, Harshit and me at some bhaarat dancing!
Love is how Vishi and I connected :)
Love is Vishi's shaadi memories. AHAHHA :p
Love is Rohit and Richi.
Love is how Arushi treats me. Like m a baby.
Love is how after the b-up I felt lonely. And suddenly there were SO many people for me.
Love is when the kids playing in the garden give me flowers (or leaves) when I'm goin home in the evening.
Love is the the feeling I got when I realized Sikka is leaving. Forever. I've never ever given anyone else a nice farewell :)
Love is when aka calls me 'chorri'
Love is childhood memories with Kshitij, Shekhar and Kritika. I miss you guys! :(
Love is the 'charity money' party with Dolfy :p
Love is the plans Richi and I make. HAHA :D
Love was class 12th!

I can go on and ooon and onnnnnn.
But I've got a truckload of assignments up my ass.

Happy Valentine's Day, readers!


  1. NIce work, kiddo!!
    Saali sentimental aadmi. heeeh

    Yeah that early morning farewell was a Good surprise. The icecram, and the red car! :D

    Love was class 12th!! SO true!!
    SInce i feel so loved, i can't crib about being boyfriendless.
    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! may us all hopeless cases have a great day! :D

  2. ahahhahaa I know!
    I made up for being a bitch bitch with you. I made up soooo well 8)

  3. you defined love so well. no one has ever made me feel soo special the way you do. i had one of the most wonderful life experiences with you. memories you have given me are price less :D i love you