Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Stupid.

This post in random too. Not like I'm gonna get one of those fancy webby awards.
IfyouknowwhatI mean.
anyway, so type type type.

Something is up with me.
I have no idea what.

I'm super happy now. There's this huge grin thats stuck to my face since yesterday.

I think its the shopping. Or the fest.
And first sem is over! Like the results are out I mean. I'm yet to collect mine.
So I'm already 1/8th of a designer! Woohoo! :D

Mom was giving me some gyaan this morning. And she's like certified gyaan [lecture] give -er.
She said something about about me being stupid. And she's didn't sound like she was complaining. She was kinda like proud.
She said something like,
Beta, you only one life to do whatever you want. In 100 years nobody will remember the mistakes you made. So be stupid while you still have a chance. Cause if you're to busy trying to be the smart kid, you'll never be happy with yourself. And never make the same mistake twice. Make new mistakes everytime.

And for me, I'm with The Stupid. Stupid is someone who lives a regret free life. Smart may have the brains, but Stupid has the guts. and balls. Stupid see things for what they could be. Smart criticizes,

Stupid creates. :D

Please feed my fishes.
And ooooooooooh. Wishlist

Can I haz more views please?


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  3. Such a mom thing.

    PS - Guess who has more views now.

    PPS - The earlier comments looked shoddy.

  4. i wish my mom could understand how important it is for someone to be stupid