Sunday, December 12, 2010

Its time you've come out of cold.

3 days for mom's bday. mann. I'd thought Id get her something this time.
I'm always broke. This is so annoying.
I love mom. I know, I must have said that atleast 449675463943056562 times. But I can't help it.

Moms are so awesome. Where would the world be without mothers? I think I should say such stuff to mom more often. I don't remember the last time I hugged her.

Anyway, my weekend was pretty ok. Good actually. Considering I'm feeling fine now. Fine's a feeling right? Considering how bad, pathetic, depressed I was, almost a month ago. Funny how time changes things and people. And Adwiti, Sikka and Pritika, obviously I'm not gonna say this to your faces, guys. Just in case you happen to come across this post. I love you, you stupid blithering idiots, for making me fine :)
[Also Karthik, Rachit and Rashi. And probably the most important person ever, my brother. Harshit, dude, I know I'm a pathetic sister. But yaar, tu awesome hai.]
Okay, now that I think of it, so many people helped me be normal. Well, in short, I love you all. Don't wait for me to say this to your face, that'll never happen.

My earlier post are so -my-life's-over kinds. Shessh.
I'm so not like that.
I talk a lot. Some find it irritating, some, amusing.
I'm sorta a social butterfly.
I gossip a lot. I want to know everything , all the time.
I think I should really learn to meditate. I have no control over what I think. The other day, Richi and Kawal were helping me, to not think of anything. Its so fucking hard.
My mind keeps on having a conversation with itself. All thaw timee.
And you know. Richi said something, so true, I don't exactly remember the words, but it was something like, how we ruin our present by always thinking of the past or the future. How things were. How things will be. What about how things are?
Mindblowing observation, na?

I guess the breakup was kinda important. I value happiness now. And for all those who's lives are shady now, sun will shine soon :)

I saw Serendipity few hours ago. Its so AWWWWWWWW :)
Though i don't believe in favorites, but as far as romantic movies go, here's a list -
1. When Harry Met Sally. (Could there be a more perfect couple, EVER?)
2. Serendipity (I'm gonna buy a pair if black gloves this Christmas. haah)
3. The Proposal (Ryan Reynolds appears naked in a scene *_*)
4. P.s I love you
5. Sleepless In Seattle (Tom Hankssss <3)

Hardly 20 something days for the next year ^_^
I've gotta think of a resolution.

Off late I've been having too much chai. I think I'm growing up =)


  1. nice post. it's good to thank people once in a while.

    but srsly the name is SAKSHI SIKKA, and not just sikka!!
    thanx to you and a few more people, that's what im called here as well.


  2. isn't Serendipity the best thing ever?