Saturday, December 4, 2010

I want breakfast in bed.

You. Hi.
I just got up. I hate Sundays man. I like Saturdays. Fridays are the best. The beginning of a weekend.
Did anyone like A Thousand Suns? such a let down. Its different but they've done so much better work before. And its December now =)
There's a chill in the air. As soon as I step out, the tip of my nose turns red and cold. I can feel the cold on my fingertips. Besides, its holiday season. Though technically, I have no holidays -___-
But everyone is so happy now. End of another year. Though this years was pretty eventful for me. Good stuff , bad stuff I dunno. But I've learnt a lot in this year, at least I've learnt how to go on with life, if not any major life changing lessons.
Ok. Imma gonna list stuff. 2010 for me -
1. I failed in preboards. I took at least FOUR retests from chemistry. :
2. I passed in boards, with exceeding expectations. Sachhii.
3. Quit smoking.
4. School was over. Forever.
12 years in a place, and suddenly boom. Khatum. I miss it :(
5. I turned 18.
6. We shifted into a new house.
7. I got rejected by NID, NIFT.
8. My best friend [FOR LIFE] moved to a different city.
* and most of my close friends too.
9. I got my nose peicered (well, that time it was a big deal :s)
10. I meet N.
* we finish.
11. I started with college.
12. I was ragged - made to do a pole dance.
13. I stole 350 bucks from my senior. (Don't ask, just don't)
14. I start blogging.
15. I discovered loneliness.
16. I rediscovered friendship.
17. Cry sitting next to brother on Diwali, while the sky blazes with fireworks.
18. I let of my stupid ego and got back my long lost friends.
19. I travel to Mumbai alone, lost my wallet on the way, got it back. Got lost at VT. Got rid of weird men at the subway.
20. I grew closer to Ma.
21. I discover Dating. Capital D.ating.
22. 7 shots down, talking to Dad, after the fresher's.

You're the judge.

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