Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I love you.

You guys cannot imagine the immensity of pain Star World has cause me since they've stopped airing my favourit show in the world. *Lie To Me.

WHY? Why can't I have things MY way?

I miss Dr. Cal Lightman, my ultimate sexual fantasy for life, so so much. I miss his sarcasm. His weird hand gestures. His accent. "Morning, love"

Come soon. I love you!
* Yes. I know, I watch a lot of TV.


  1. "ultimate sexual fantasy for life"! hahaha. good shit.
    tell me you like him in the Incredible Hulk as the Abomination too and I will die right on the spot.

  2. And I like yours. Peachy!
    Its Juice. Peevie Juice.
    Be nice and I might let you read my blog.

  3. The ratio of words between you and me is bad. Hmpf.
    Make it better.

  4. Peevieee.
    Let me read your blog pleaseeee!
    and btw, do you also admire Cal Lightman? Like, are you sexually attracted to him?

  5. Me being sexually attracted to him would be awkward. I'm happy being straight.

    Have you seen Pulp Fiction? He was awesome in it. The actor Tim Roth that is (I hope you know his name).

    Not so soon Peachy. Now this over here is the initiation.

  6. You're a GUY? And you LIKE serendipity? I thought such guys don't exist anymore.
    Of course I've seen Pulp Fiction. And yes I know his name :)
    But he's so much better in Lie To Me. That slight hunch, weird hand gestures and his accent. They make me swoon.

    and hey! no fair. you get to read everything here while I get nothing! :S

  7. Oh man. I thought you would have made out that I'm a guy at least.
    And yes, I like Serendipity. And I like The Fighter too. And Get Him To The Greek. I watch a lot of movies.
    See, if you are half as smart as I think you are it would not take you more than 2 minutes to find my blog.

  8. hhaha, found it. Smart enough? :D

  9. Very.
    I've just started. So be a little under-critical.

  10. Chill.
    I'm a blog virgin too. :)

  11. Hmmmm. Blog virgin I see. Takes one to know one.

    Also I noticed you like Shantaram.

    That book is one book I'm gonna take to my grave.

  12. That book is EPIC.
    I love the fact that he loves India so much.

    Someone gifted it to me. And it was some editors special copy. Had a few extra unedited chapters. I felt espeshul. :D

  13. Oh man. So you actually have something that is better than Shantaram. Lucky you.

    The whole India thing and the discourses between the characters are damn deep. Its practically the most quotable book ever. Love it.

  14. I might just be your new follower cause
    a) I absolutely love Lie to Me, and seriously am pissed that starworld isn't airing it anymore,
    and I always longed to be Cal for just a day. Yesh, immature as it is, it would be cool! =P

    b) We share the same thoughts bout fb.. lol

    aaand i simply love your blog! who'd have thought that your a blog virgin?!?

  15. Hahah, the last line, how flattering! :D
    And Lie To Me is epic. Even I secretly wanna be Cal L.