Thursday, August 11, 2011

When you're too busy with life, and one fine day you find out something that cracks your ribs, punctures your lungs and shatters your heart ( lack of a better term ~__~ )



  1. Like your frenemy is preggers with your ex's baby?
    I know.


  2. Pfft.
    Life, I tell you.
    What helps with such stuff? Ice cream? coffee? Blogging? :/

  3. CHOCOLATE!! At least for me:D

    Try sleeping for 20 hours straight.
    Blogging might unless you are compulsively obsessive about it like me.

    Or even try screaming out loud for ten minutes straight. Helps. Really does. Just make sure everybody in the vicinity knows you are not being murdered or committed.

  4. Can't afford sleeping. submission tomorrow.
    But I shall try chocolates.

    Thaaaaaaank youuuuuuuu =]

  5. Keep yourself extremely busy.
    Blog, eat, drink, listen to high music, Tweet and txt all at the same time. It helps a lot!

    Best of luck =0

  6. Or you could watch Lie to Me, and try ta be like Lightman, care the least about the things that least cared about you.

    Here goes the traditional but does-not-go-without-saying HOW ARE YOU PEACHYYYY! I've been away from my blogger for a bit more than eternity. I just can't seem to post though.

    Ps- Lie to Me is back, but honestly expected a bit more from the season premiere ;)

  7. Hamza - I think i overreacted
    i'm happy now. Thank to my millions of submissions, haven't been really thinking about that yet.

    Shaveen -
    You're finally back :D :D :D
    hahah hows life? Mine good. Lot of work. College keeps me extremely busy man.
    You were gone for so long! Why man why.

    And I don't get to watch much of TV, will be downloading it soon.
    You've seen Dexter yet? Pretty awesome, that is.

  8. I found your blog, and i find it very interesting.
    sorry to hear life ins't going so well. Everyone has those days :/

    Follow for Follow?

  9. Dexter. Hell yes :D All thaaat blooood ;) It's pretty much Dexter and Lie to Me for me. guess what it's results tomorrow, and i don't know what my default feeling should be like ;S

    So, i guess i better start ze blog again. TC peacchyyy! :)

  10. TiasaurausRex- Sure :)

    Shaveen - All the best! You'll do veryyy well! I know !

  11. awwwie.. reading others' blogs also helps ;) hehe... makes you realize you are not alone! *sniff*

    just indulge in all you like! :D writing is the best part of it all :)

  12. Peach coloured Canabis ( respectfully addressed as
    GANJA !!!
    Try it .I got good result in similar circumstances.

    Your humble servant Amiyo

  13. so i didnt really ever believe words could be put so precisely to that feeling, until this.