Thursday, August 25, 2011

Black and white paper

The whispers of summer tickle my ear,
As I daydream of the months to come.
My head swells with things that have yet to happen,
None of which are directed at these pages in front of me,
These photocopied pages filled with deadlines,
Requirements, and demands. 
Sucking the life out of me, 
When they have no life in them.


  1. hit the nail on the head with that one...

  2. :( my exams. Rains beckon. And you write this.

  3. yaay me i just got done with exams:D
    good luck with yours :)

    i am your new follower btw...i hope you follow back:)

  4. Fucking raw piece Peach!

  5. fatima - I know right.
    quartertoinsane - nice user name :D
    and thanks
    Priyanka - but you do know why I write this, no?
    and what are you studying man ?
    floodgate - no exams man, just life. And suree :)

    ANON - Too smart only you are. The point of being anonymous -________-

  6. Abbey. I was feeling too fucking lazy to log in. [-_-"]

  7. I HATE the word verification deal.
    I'll be moving this blog soon. Anyway its such a headache to handle it

  8. Moving, again?
    I have word verification on mine right?

    I know you will keep writing girl. And please, mere blog pe reply karna mat bhoola kar.

  9. word verif isn't a problem, you can disable it anytime. try posterous for a new blog, it's got everything, and it's the easiest to use. it links you to every other blog too, and fb and twitter, so you can autopost everything. you can even import this blog stock and barrel, and it'll hardly take you 20 minutes.

  10. I'm already there, just need to import this blog :D
    and yes, its a lot better.

  11. I like this - I certainly know that feeling.

    I have a new post too, feel free to check it out. I have become very bad at posting regularly xD