Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wind Down.

Many always ask, how did it all end?
ll tell you.
With a goodbye of course.
And just a little white lie.
and "You're so important to me"
and hope, immense.

Or maybe it ended with artistry.
not with a whimper but with a bang.

P.s. - many people anxiously, asked me about my mood after the last post. I'm good and happy. Its just my incapability of writing happier poems. Someone once told me, you can't write about the happy times, cause you're too busy living them. So true.
P.p.s - Happy Birthdayyy Shaveen! :D


  1. "you can't write about the happy times, cause you're too busy living them" - So damn true. I wish everyone would just understand that and stop fussing.

  2. endings are happening all the time, and they probably always will, like beginnings ..i hope :)

    I didnt see this post before cause my computer seems slow and i think the applications on here
    jumped it down as I was furiously clicking the mouse trying to build the momentum somehow for something to happen..and it did, but I missed this one because of it.
    Really gorgeous poem. not just saying that either! Truly truly saying so much with few words

    Crying With A Sense Of Human

  3. Thank you :)
    and I've already told you how much I love your poems!

  4. Wow. Aditi seriously this has been the best birthday. First I had 450 people standing up and singing to me at the same time. (the feeling is immense) And to see a little bit of your post dedicated to me. priceless. love.

    I love your poems cause you never corner it to rhyme. Original. =D

  5. Brilliant :D
    Regular follower, me.