Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lost In The Abyss

That feeling,
when all you want to do is, get home
get to your room,
get in the bed,
hug onto the pillow
and try breathing.
And try forgetting.
Whatever happened.
Whatever is happening.
You're trying to convince yourself, its nothing. its's fine. it'll be okay soon.
but its like a glass splinter working its way into you.
And you can't fucking breath.

And you're tired.
Nothing is right,
nothing is wrong either.
Then what is choking the life out of you?

You wait in your shadow. for lighting to strike.
looking for someone to be there,
who holds your hand, and whispers,
It'll be okay.

But you're tired of waiting.
Tired of wishing and wanting.
In then you'll be the only one who's got to live through it.

But just this once, you want it to be easy.
You want it to be simple,
you want to be helped,
you want to be saved.

But you know you won't be.
You'll be the last one to know.
You'll be left out in the cold snow.

[The emotional freak that I am, wrote this after watching Never Let Me Go, I was pretending I'm Kathy.]
I know its not poetry, free verse maybe.


  1. aww. loved it..this is exactly what i feel now, i sooo relate to it! :)
    a huge hug to you for writing this. :D

  2. It's poetry...with a lot of poetic thrown in.
    I like.
    I was pretending I'm Kathy - EPIC. Pagal ladki.

  3. *poetic license thrown in.

    Bah. You got an extra comment.

  4. Just the perfect flow of emotions. Raw. I like! =)

  5. This was soo good!! Keep it up!!

  6. Thank you everyone !

    Shaveen - a thumbs up from you makes me feel so gooooooood :D

  7. what a wonderful blog you have. i really enjoy this one and also about the desert we have our best dreams especially when its cold at night and you think about that sun coming up and frying you :)

    Crying With A Sense Of Human

  8. Ok and now I'm in awe.

  9. a wonderful blog...luv d way u designd it!!
    and wid poems lyk above...makes it all the more interesting!!!
    Gud to see ur poetic side!