Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Backdoor Talk.

Okay secret time.

1. I'm secretly pleased that I make the awesomest coffee (Hot/Cold)
(Do believe me, ask my cousin.)

2. I'm secretly pleased that I hate donating can't donate blood. And injections/needles scare the living shit out of me.
I can go through - whatever. But injections.
And the Doctors are never satisfied without bruising me and stabbing me a million times over with a hundred million types of needles in a thousand million needle sizes. And on the top of that. They try to act smart. Like I have no idea whats going on. "Ohh Aditiiii! Now look at that picture on your right, what do you seee..?"
And as I'm just about to cry (sue me. I HAAATE injections) "aww no no. It won't hurt"
STFU. It will. Always does.

3. I'm secretly pleased that my signature keeps on changing every six months. And I'm pleaser still – that the latest is a not-easy-to-forge signature. (Some have tried. And failed. :D )

4. I'm secretly pleased that I sleep off with socks on. Pink socks. Always. No matter what the weather is.

5. I'm secretly pleased that I'm clumsy and accident prone.Its interesting to live. Today, I dropped this ultra BIIIIIG ferrero rocher shake all over myself. They gave me another one. And a brownie. Freeeee.

Ok. Your turn.

And please don't let my PeachBox die.


  1. I have to have the TV's volume at multiples of five. No matter what. Or I freak out.

  2. Yeh toh ultimate hai.
    Weirdest thing ever!

  3. Oh this is YOUUUUUUUUU.
    I thought some new follower.
    And yay. Superman T shirt. :D

  4. Of course it is me. Limited followers you have anyways. And commenters hardly any.

    My Superman T is better than yours.

  5. Tu kitna bda kamina hain na. :D
    World best types.

  6. So there's a layer of respect, admittedly, for my truthfulness, but it's peppered with hate. Hateful respect.

  7. Don't wear socks and sleep. that day i wore socks and warm vest, and i slept, and the next day i got a loooong lecture on y i shouldnt wear it.

    Learn a lesson, avoid a lecture!!

  8. i CAN'T take injections.. the doctors are themselves scared of giving me one because i start creating scenes in their clinic.. n its fucking embarrassing for them.

    n yes even i get lectures if i wear socks n sleep.

  9. I know about your injections stories better than ANYYYYONE.
    You remember my tetnus injection in 11th? Did I cry that time?