Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Umm. Well..

I love dancing in the rain.
I love Clicking Pictures.
I love 30 Seconds To Mars.
I hate it when anybody touches my mobile.
I love when people I love hug me for no reason.
I love Mommyy.
I love curly messed up hair.
I love being rebelious and patriotic.
I love Pani Puri, Alloo tikki.
I love Pizzas, Lasagne, Pasta, Nachos.
I love Dr. Cal Lightman - My hero for life.
I love abusing people I love. Only to see them abuse back harder :)
I love my school - DPS Pune.
I love my chemistry teacher in 12th_ Kalpita Ma'am. What a lady!
I love my Dadi.
I want to go to Afghanistan, at least once in life.
I love Delhiii :D
I love animals.
I love Pune.
I can't stay without my family and friends.
I love my irritating brother.
I love being mushy sometimes.
I want to be curvy.
I want to be happyyyy alwaysss =]
I want to work with Vogue
I want to meet Ajmal Kasab.
I want my Prince charming.
I want a happy ending.
I love my best friend - Adwiti.

I love guys who are funny/smart/witty - like Q man for eg.
I love the surname 'Singhania' or 'Rathore'
I love Raghavendra Rathore's life.
I find parks romantic.

I love action movies.
I love detective stuff.

I love experimenting with my hair.

I love hanging aroung doing nothing.

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