Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hi. Yaaaawn.
I'm blogging after like a week or so. Or maybe more.

So. Umm. Well after the dramatic cancellation of my much awaited and anticipated trip to Delhi, I was in blues again.
And my cousin called and I was off to Bombay to see her.
What can I say about Bombay. I mean, the place is so amazing. Its got this charm. Despite the chaotic traffic and the fish smell, you feel drawn, attracted towards the place.
And The place's got so much art into it. Like, when you step in Bombay, you get this mad rush of excitement.. "Yeh life hai boss!" types. You'll find so many artists, musicians, actors, in every nook and corner.
I've always wanted to study in Bombay, travel by locals, eat vadapav for breakfast, go to chowpatti for a walk in the evening.
When you're walking along the road - you can see it on people's faces, they're here to do something, to make mark somewhere.
and and
I loveeeeeeee the architecture in there. VT- oh my gosh.
Maybe one day I actually do get to eat vadapav for breakfast, travel by locals and walk at the chowpatti :)

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