Sunday, July 10, 2011

Endoplasmic Reticulum

Been long time no?
Off late my life is only red eyes and coffee stains. 
I just voluntarily told my mom I'll make my bed myself today. And I'll wake up early to sort out my closet. 
I think I'm growing up.

Does anyone else feel how everything is becoming so expensive ?
Most of the time I'm like I need to  SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE. 
but as whenever I step into a shop
'holy tits! its a buy 10 get 1 free sale! what a deal!'

Money management. Fail.
Besides stationary is so expensive.


Topic jump.
Every time before sleeping, I’m afraid that I’ll sleep through my alarm and wake up 4 hours late and be thrown out of class or college which breeds all kinds of unnecessary anxiety. Apparently, it leaks over into my subconscious as well, since I had a terrifyingly weird dream last night about being late.

In my dream, I woke up in my brother’s room, and hour and half later than I was supposed to. I freaked out and ran out, only to find my mother sitting at the table. She scolded me, telling me how she just knew I was going to wake up late and how irresponsible I was. I scrambled to get ready. 
Then I finally got out of the house, sky was an apocalyptic purply-red and the air was still. Then there was gap. I was standing outside my college. It was 8 58. I rushed to the stairs, climbed all the four floors, I could see my class now. End of the hallway. I strained to get there, almost crying from the effort, thinking of the shame I would feel when my teacher threw me out, the disappointment on my clasmmates’ faces, my inevitable destitution on the streets without my college, AND THEN SUDDENLY…

My real alarm clock rang. 
My first groggy thought was, “I have to go through my morning routine again?! Oh, hell.” 
And yes, I made it to college on time. 
I need to chill.

This is the most amazingly beautiful piece of music that has ever flowed through my ears.

Does anyone have any good music? Or good blogs? :3

p.s- This blog might just go into hibernation. I considered deleting cause I won't be able to right often. But then lets see how this works.
p.p.s- This post has obviously nothing to do with Endoplasmic Reticulum.

Kthanksbyenow :)


  1. I don't save a penny, man. Then again, I don't earn either. THEWORLDSUCKS.

    I suggest you set a real horrible song as your alarm tone. You *will* wake up.

    And, for interesting blogs, visit mine cause it's so interesting, I have nothing to write too. Hmm. :/

  2. even i dont earn. but whhyyyy is the world soo expensive? :(
    Your blog one my favorite :)
    i love how/what you write.

  3. explosions in the sky were fantastic.

  4. LOL. You are SO random. I love that :D

  5. SheriffShooter - I know! they're my fav! Listen to more stuff by them. good music, I promise =]

    Priyanka - heh. thanks. And your blog makes me hungry. :s


  6. I have none. Not the music nor the blog :(
    And yea, I second Chocolate Milk. You are so Random.

  7. Pandora's PoopJuly 12, 2011 at 11:57 PM

    I know right? Staedtler. Who the fuck do they think they are. Bloody Germans. And books. Oh come on. 500 friggin' bucks for a 200-pager. I'd rather make myself a poor girl sandwich and think about my life. Oh wait. I do that pretty much all the time. Huh. FML.
    Hi5 to money management fail. Epic fail.
    'La Bamba' for best alarm ever. \m/
    As for the scary-as-hell nightmare, relax.
    And y u no keep blog? Ur blog sooper naice. Keep blog. Blog bloggity blog. I is the silent follower of ur blog. Shhhhhhhh.
    Ok, not anymore. *facepalm*
    Good musiiiiccc? Ooh, ooh. Here.

    OkI'mdonenowandPLIZZBLAWG. :)

    P.S. It is German right? No?

  8. Alarm clocks. Love em/Hate em. Much as I would like to spend more time in Bombay they do ensure that I don't miss my flights, Leaving Bombay for Munich later tonight.

  9. Hamza - Let us all work on the good blog bit, then? And isn't the word random overused? I'd prefer enigmatic, maybe.

    Pandora's Poop - Y u be silent follower?
    Yes, itch ich German. Stadetler. Today I bought colour pencils worth 2500/- :'(
    They better last and/or get me more marks.
    Alarm no works ever. I always throw away my phone. I prefer being slapped or shouted at, while sleeping, helps me get up faasstttt.
    And money management, today I ate chocolate bars and chocopie worth 450 bucks. How kewl.TeeHee.
    Wokay. will try and blawgg. :D

    River cat - Hey, I liked the song. thank you =)
    Keep updating me about good music! =D

    Abhi-shrek - I hope you didn't get to witness the blasts. Sad time for Bombay. Have a safe flight. [You must already be in Munich right now :s]

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